No, not THAT PPP. Pandemics, Priorities, and Privacy. 


To name just a few of the many important takeaways from this crazy year, it’s been that pandemics command a serious priority reassessment. This pandemic ground our wheels to a screeching halt and sadly, in other cases,  the wheels came right off.

These past 10 months have certainly been a time to reflect, rebound and reaffirm a new path forward. Whether medically, socially, emotionally, academically, or financially, each and every human being around the world felt the impact of  COVID-19 in some capacity. 


Where was your priority shift? Your business? Your Family? Your Health?

Many folks were forced to shelter in place for months and reprioritize many or all aspects of their lives. Housing is essential in any circumstance, and this pandemic shed light on a critical need for everyone to have a safe place to seek shelter and socially distance as reasonably possible.

As we continue forward through the last quarter of a seemingly never ending year, it may be difficult to plan ahead more than one day at a time.

With colder weather quickly approaching, many of us are ready to carve a new path forward into 2021.

With every shared meme and blog post about how horrific 2020 has been,  [and in many aspects it has] there are many about how important and beneficial it has also been. Covid forced innovation and flexibility to support a massive global community need.


Who here could use a little more privacy these days?

It seems everywhere we turn what was once sacred is now a hot commodity. From surveillance to housing needs, personal privacy is something of the past. But not all is lost. There are many ways you can still live a somewhat private [socially distanced] life without having to move off grid. We’ll dig deeper into that topic in a future post. 

One of the ways our team has chosen to respect your privacy is by changing the way we engage with you in person, on social media, in our advertising, and marketing. 

Instead of sending out an email blast to add to the ever growing pile in our inboxes, or sending mailers alongside the multitude of election flyers that would most likely end up unread in a landfill, we decided to reimagine our efforts and  give you [and the planet] some time and space. 

For the past several months we’ve reaffirmed our priorities with a focus on our families and community. That included a significant decrease in our engagement with you in person [no events this year] and digitally.  

Instead we played a larger role behind the scenes with more intentional [socially distant] support given to those who had the greatest or most urgent need.

What’s Next?

Whether selling or buying, Covid-19 continues to impact the real estate market in multiple ways. Home renovations continue to experience a significant uptick, alongside a demand for new construction homes creating a shortage of building materials and appliances.  With all the time we’ve been stuck at home, our  “to-do” list has finally received well deserved attention. Since many gyms, recreation programs, and amenities remain closed indefinitely due to Covid-19, many homeowners are desperate to rethink their needs and create private living areas to maximize every square inch of their property.

Our main focus will continue to help folks just like you buy and sell real estate. So please keep those amazing referrals coming! 

As we continue forward on a path with a lot of uncertainty [thanks, Covid!], you can expect a more personalized experience that safeguards your privacy, your safety, and helps you reach [or exceed] your goals. 

But that’s not all we will have to offer you in 2021. 

Be sure to check back with us to see exciting new services to help maximize your current home’s potential, increase your profit from your sale, or make the most out of your next new home! 

We need you!

We would love the opportunity to tell you more about what makes us stand out from the rest. Our team of agents and staff are committed to being the best in the industry. I’m confident that we’ll be able to meet your goals better and faster than any other agent in the area. If you’re ready to get started, call us now or if you’d like to get more information, send us your questions.

All the best, Colette


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