Real Estate Investing

How To Achieve Financial Independence Through Real Estate

FIRE Goals. (Financially Independent Retire Early) This is not a dream. It’s an attainable goal. If you aren’t already on this path, hop on.  Retiring early does not mean five o’clock dinner specials, bingo, and canasta. Unless that’s your jam--then you do you. Retiring at an early age is not something only the wealthy get to enjoy. It does require you to work smart and put your hard-earned...

Real Estate Investing – A Strategic Approach

Folks often ask me for advice on how to maximize their Real Estate (RE) investments or alternative ways to enter a competitive Real Estate market. There is not a one size fits all answer to this question, especially when you have limited investment capital. However, I will say that the most common or best way to build your wealth and Real Estate Investment portfolio is much like any other investment...

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