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Move Up This Summer. It’s a Great Time to Upgrade.

Have your day in the sun by moving up this summer. Longer days and sunny weather mean summer is upon us, and what better conditions than right now to upgrade to the home of your dreams? Your needs have changed. The pandemic highlighted the need for more space to work and play. Home gyms, home offices, multipurpose rooms, and loft space have made their way from would-be-nice to must-haves on many buyers'...

Americans Find the Nonfinancial Benefits of Homeownership Most Valuable

Homeownership is a foundational part of the American Dream. As we look back on more than a year of sheltering in our homes, having a place of our own is more important than ever. While financial benefits are always a key aspect of homeownership, today, homeowners rank the nonfinancial and personal benefits with even higher value. Recently, two national surveys revealed the reasons homeownership is...

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